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Yes No Yes No Immediately Within a year Next Year or Beyond Yes No to
Games, Hobbies & Crafts
Laundry & Ironing
Talk on the telephone
Watch TV
Listen to Music
Feed Pets
Store pet foods
Store cleaning supplies
Yes No Yes No Yes No Period: a particular time in history, i.e. Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, etc.
Style: the work of a specific designer or design period.
Traditional: designs that come from past generations
Country: how a style is detailed; however here it is used to define an informal version of style
Modern: a style that is associated with and fabricated from currently used materials
Contemporary: a look that reflects the lifestyle of the current society. The design combines styles from diverse periods.
Eclectic: mixing elements of different styles
Motif: generally, the overall decorative scheme of an interior. Specifically, a motif is a pattern, design, emblem or object that become associated with a particular style.
Vernacular: locally adapted from a formal style, exhibiting notabe ethnic and regional interpretations usually in rural or provincial area. Mixing of traditions and new adaptations and ideas in common.
I'm not particular about a style Yes No Yes No
Cook large batches and freeze
Roasted meats and mashed potatoes
Out of the freezer into the microwave
Broiled fish and fresh tomatoes
Grill and work
One at a time
Grabbed as they can Casual togetherness Formal togetherness
Yes No Yes No
Cabinet Lighting
Glass Cabinet Doors (upper cabinets)
Cutting Board
Bay Window
Trim Moulding
Flip-out under sink
Pull-out drawers under cabinets
Appliance Garage
Broom Closet
Space saver microwave
Solid surface countertop
Extra electrical outlets/GFIs
Recycle bins
End Shelves
Cutlery Trays

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